Traffic Skills 101 Course Introduction

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If you are interested in taking this free bicycle safety course, please register with the site. It's free and it's necessary to continue.

Kid on a bike

We estimate the online course will take approximately 4 hours to complete. You will be able to complete individual modules and return at a later time. After you complete the online course, you will be able to participate in a 5-hour hands-on and on-road component of the course.

This special component for on-line participants is conducted by League Certified Instructors. These hands on and on-road instructions are held throughout the country, schedules and classes are posted on this website. We strongly encourage you to join others in participating in the hands on and on-road component of Traffic Skills 101 and complete your training. Location of on-road experiences include quiet residential streets, minor arterials, multi-lane low- and moderate-speed arterials with posted speeds no greater than 35 mph, protected (Left Turn Only lane and/or Left Turn signal phase) and unprotected left turns, and narrow and wide roadways.